MR2 Checklist

Last modified on November 18, 2017 7:16 PM

Mod Ideas

Low-priority Parts to get

  • New seat belts
  • New rubber seals everywhere
  • Rear window visor

Misc. Work

  • Upgrade front calipers/rotors to 87+
  • Replace alternator
  • Tighten alternator belt
  • Get car waxed and paint touched up
    • Possible color code 150? Check driver’s side door jam. “A typical code will look like C/TR: 1D4/FH13, and 1D4 would be the color code in this example.”
  • Valve Cover Gasket Replacement
  • Clean and paint inside of trunk with anti-corrosion stuff
  • Replace front ball joints
  • Replace bushings
    • Something like this
  • Replace missing throttle bracket screw (Gm# 11561025 (m6x1.0x16))
  • Do air filter mod
  • Put in new spark plugs
  • Buy new HT leads
  • Replace distributor cap
  • Fix Exhaust Rattle
  • Fix Driver’s Side Seat-belt
  • Fix Windshield Mister
    • I’m just an idiot this has worked the whole time.
  • Fix parking brake
    • Turns out if the brake light is staying on that just means the brake fluid is low

Suspension Work

  • Strut Replacement
  • Strut Top Replacements
  • Front-right strut mount is loose or something. It’s a bit fucked.


  • Fix Headlight Skew
  • Fog-lights?

Update Fed. 11 2017

Car sounds terrible. Power loss. The exhaust sounds different now. I can feel hitching sometimes as the car is accelerating or maintaining speed with the accelerator in. I can smell burning upon exiting the car. Something is very wrong. Muffler/exhaust work might need to be done now for real.

Update: Put in a new muffler, helked a lot. Also replaced the spark plugs.