Low Power Server Build

Last modified on November 17, 2017 6:47 PM

My current homeserver is an ancient thing I’ve assembled out of hodgepodge parts and pieces. Inspired by this post by Jeff Atwood I decided to see how much my current home server costs to run.

I pay for PGE‘s ’clean energy’ program, which means I get energy only from renewable resources for an extra 0.03 or so cents a month. Not bad at all. Currenty kilowatt hours cost about $0.1093 USD. Knowing this we compute the power draw of the current server per day per month go get an approximate cost to run:

115 watts an hour (damn!)
115 * 24 = 2760 watts a day
2760 * 30 = 82,800 watt hours a month
82.8 * 0.1093 = $9.05 a month

$9.05 is a lot to pay for a single server to run 24/7. It’s time for an upgrade. So, taking Jeff’s list I improved upon it slightly and added a new case. The current ideal parts list:

I’m not sure how the low voltage ram will affect performance, but I am excited to find out. Another notable addition is the upgraded motherboard, which has 6 sata ports as opposed to 4, and supports the low voltage ram. It also Intel’s XMP stuff.

The Node 304 has six drivebays, which is kind of ridiculous for a mini-ITX case, but I have a need for at least four drivebays (RAID 5 is awesome). We’ll see if I’ll be able to jam everything I want into it.

All of this at full price costs around $450.96, plus shipping. That makes the ROI for power usage (assuming Jeff’s power usage is correct) pretty terrible. Luckily, black friday/cyber monday is coming up and I’m hoping I can knock $100-$200 of off the final price. We’ll see.

The Build

  • Final price of the Node 304: $54.99

Update November 2017