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I started boxing on January 23rd, 2013. This is a collection of all of my recorded matches and other media.

December 14th 2013

Sweet Science Boxing held their winter grudge match 2013, of which I participated.

Photos Here

Q vs. Nate 1:

Q vs. Nate 2:

Q vs. Nate 3:

November 23rd 2013

Me vs. Bjorn 2:

Me vs. Danny 1:

Me vs. Danny 2:

Me vs. Jason 1:

Me vs. Jason 2 (match of the day):

May 11th 2013

Me vs. Jason 1:

Me vs. Jason 2:

March 24 2013

Some older matches that Jason recorded of me fighting Tony.

Q vs. Tony 1:

Q vs. Tony 2: